Assessment and Reporting

We track and monitor the progress of our students rigorously at Colton Hills to ensure that they stay on track throughout their journey through school with us. We also have a robust and systematic reporting system that enables parents to have a clear picture of how well their children are progressing at all stages of their studies.

We have high expectations of our students, and we exemplify this by setting challenging target grades at Key Stage 4 and 5, in line with the achievement of the top 20% of schools in the country. These target grades are set at the beginning of Year 10 and used as the basis for ongoing conversations about student progress throughout their GCSE, BTEC and A Level courses. We target students who are underperforming for additional support and ensure that they know the steps to take as part of developing their progress and ultimately achieving excellent outcomes.

In Key Stage 3, we base our assessment on progress towards these target grades, but do not assign GCSE equivalent grades to our students at this stage, as we believe this can often be counterproductive to their motivation. Instead, all our subjects have developed their own bespoke ‘Tracks’ system, where all students can be assessed and graded on a scale from ‘Well Below’ to ‘Well Above’, and this can be reported to parents in at each of our assessment points. Parents can be confident that these assessments are meaningful and have been moderated to be consistent, clearly pointing the way towards the progress that students can be expected to make when they complete national qualifications.

We assess and report on students at three points in the year, at the end of our three Learning Phases, which take 12-13 weeks and lead to assessment points roughly towards the end of each term, in November, March and June. These assessments are undertaken after significant preparation and in test conditions which mimic the real examination conditions which students will face further up the school. These timings allow the students to have termly reports and for these to go home prior to the three major holidays in the school calendar. The final assessment is very much a formal end-of-year test.