Language, Communication & Humanities (LCH) Faculty

English; Drama; Media; German; Geography; History; R.E; (Sixth Form) Psychology; Sociology

The importance of these subjects cannot be underestimated, as evidenced by the goverment's English Baccalaureate. These subjects have always been promoted at Colton Hills.

Excellent use of the English language is key to success in these subjects. A central aim of the LCH Faculty is therefore to ensure that every student leaves Colton Hills able to read, write, speak English and also to listen effectively to a very high standard. As a result, all teachers in the faculty work closely together to ensure there is a rich and varied collection of speaking, reading and writing opportunities that are linked to exciting themes, real-world problems and genuine audiences which enable students to hone their skills and demonstrate their learning.

In addition to engaging, passionate teaching, we pride ourselves in enriching these subjects through enjoyable and memorable school visits. These visits include theatre trips, author visits, geography field trips, visits to places of worship and places of historical interest as well as foreign exchange trips.

We aim to broaden the minds and horizons of our students and show them how their studies link to the real world.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) Faculty

Mathematics; Science; Design Technology; Computing and ICT; (Sixth Form) Chemistry; Physics and Biology

The awe and wonder of exploring how the physcial world works is at the heart of learning and, by working closely together, maths and science support each child's discovery of principles that govern the world around them.

In the 21st century, scientific and technological innovations have become increasingly important as the world has globalised commercially and the UK has become a knowledge-based economy. STEM subjects are vital to everyone's future. Engineering, in particular, requires the individual STEM disciplines to work in harmony. There is a national shortage of engineers and for this reason, STEM subjects lead to some of the most lucrative and rewarding careers.

To succeed in this ever-changing world, young people need to develop their capabilities in STEM to levels much beyond what was considered appropriate in the past. All teachers in the faculty work collaboratively to foster high levels of scientific and mathematical thinking in all students and they also seek to develop excellence in design and engineering foundation principles.

To assist our highly-skilled teachers we have developed a unique approach to creating impressive partnerships with notable companies. These companies bring their expertise, offer industry-standard resources and equipment, sit down with our teachers to create inspiring projects and offer themselves, and colleagues, as mentors to our students. The collective work we do with supporting companies is already being recognised at local, regional and national levels.

Expression, Performance, Enterprise & Well-being (EPEW) Faculty

Art; Music; Performing Arts; Sport; Physical Education; Dance; Business Studies; Health & Social Care and Life Skills; (Sixth Form) Economics

The EPEW faculty plays an important role in the school which recognises and values these subjects offer the mind, body and soul. We are also committed to its importance to young people who wish to develop or grow a life-long talent in one or more of these areas. When taught effectively, the EPEW subjects are in the best position to enable students to become confident individuals:

By being able to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas artistically, often done bravely in front of audiences

By competing against others, and more importantly, against themselves, to challenge their limits and improve their health through structured physical activity

By developing business and entrepreneurial acumen which is important to everyday and commercial life

By understanding and appreciating the skills and attributes required to be thoughtful and caring towards others, and the many careers available to achieve this society

By developing self-assured individuals, armed with resilience, who are able to make good decisions under pressure in today's world

Special to our school, and also a key element of the faculty, is our inclusion of Life Skills as a timetabled subject. Students are developed in six key areas from Year 7: Staying Healthy, Careers & The World of Work, Learning to Learn (Study Skills), Financial Capability, Religion & Ethics and Citizenship. We ensure that these areas merge and integrate with all areas of the school, including our pastoral curriculum, which includes regular tutor time activities in the morning and in our programme of House assemblies. 

As a faculty, EPEW enhances the school's vision of ensuring that every student leaves Colton Hills, not just academically successful, but also successful as social, moral, spiritual and cultural people.

Special Education Needs (SEN

All students at Colton Hills Community School are treated as individuals and work is planned accordingly. The aim is to raise levels of success and to meet their needs by providing an education which secures equal opportunities and high achievement. Students with special educational needs are offered full access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum.

The school caters for all abilities but students experiencing a slower rate of progress, or less success, whether through language or other difficulties, receive additional guidance and support in the classroom. In the first instance, all subject teachers provide this and, when necessary, our Learning Support Team provide additional support.

All students are fully integrated into a mainstream curriculum. On occasions, we draw on the expertise of outside agencies to work with students, parents and families. We fully support the new SEN Code to ensure that, at all times, families are involved in the decisions about their child's education.

Our Special Educational Needs coordinator, who is a member of the school's Senior Leadership Team, oversees how the school provides for SEN students, closely monitors classroom experience and tracks their progress.

Students who have special educational needs receive a good level of support and they make progress in line with other students nationally

OFSTED - May 2015

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