Extra curricular

At Colton Hills Community School we consist of far more than the lessons students enjoy every day. Clubs and activities make up the extra-curricular programme that plays a very important part in the extra-curricular programme that plays a very important part in the education of young people. Students have access to a wide range of provision which includes subject clubs, debating societies, martial arts and sports activities including competitive matches. We encourage as many students as possible to take part in the programme and to share in the success that these activities provide.

In addition to this, teachers from every subject plan numerous visits to places that will enrich and consolidate valuable learning. Not only do you our students enjoy these experiences, it also shows in their academic achievement.

Inter house activities

Colton Hills offer a range of Inter house competitions which are a fantastic opportunity for students to get involved and compete in a range of activities no matter what their ability. Our aim is for all students to compete in as many competitions as possible to represent their house!

The activities range across all subject areas giving everyone the chance to get involved. Every student that partakes will gain achievement points and are also able to add to their participation tracker! Following this, colours award badges
can be earn which are given out each half term in reward assemblies in recognition of our student's achievements. An individual needs to participate in three events to earn a star badge. Three star badges will earn a bronze cup badge, before then earning their way up to silver and then the ultimate gold cup status! Students can carry these badges throughout their school career, with the aim of taking part in as many clubs and events as possible! Students who have obtained colours awards will stand out when applying to colleges and sixth forms as it evidences their hard work and dedication.

Currie, Kahlo, Tull and Turing houses compete in a wide range of tiered competitions which involve the core values of our house system in Bronze, Silver and Gold challenges. Bronze include weekly numeracy and WOTW tasks along with subject based inter house competitions. Silver include attendance, punctuality, achievement points & behaviour points whilst gold include sports day and enterprise.

Your encouragement and support is incredibly important and could help your child's house claim the Inter House Cup this year!