Music Mark School

When I arrived at Colton Hills I was asked to further develop the dance and drama department but felt music was and still is an integral part of the curriculum to enrich pupils and give them a broad and balanced experience of the arts. Music in KS3 is fun, supports pupils’ development and builds self-confidence, which enables individual pupil growth and an understanding on the pupils’ role in the school community. This has been a very successful journey and achieving growth in music, dance and drama has been down to the hard work and dedication of our wonderful pupils.


We have also linked in with our partners especially the Wolverhampton Music Hub, who have a fantastic team of highly dedicated individuals who have recently applied for the Music Mark award and have been successful in that application.


With this successful partnership, Colton Hills has been a key member of the Hub group, through identifying and celebrating the work we are doing to keep music an integral part of the curriculum through lessons and additional opportunity. Some of these opportunities have included singing workshops with staff from the Wolverhampton Hub to boost pupils’ confidence and 'Our Music' Project with Penn Hall School, which aimed at breaking down barriers. This included inviting international rap artists into Colton Hills through the Black Country Touring Group, which was part of a Beats without Boundaries festival.


This is a fantastic achievement and the School are very pleased to receive the Music Mark Award. This clearly demonstrates the dedication, passion and enthusiasm of the young people at Colton Hills School. 


Miss Pound, Curriculum Leader for Performance