Students visit University of Oxford

Students are setting their sights on studying among the academic elite after visiting the world-famous University of Oxford.
















A total of 27 Year 9 students were chosen to visit the country’s best university to find out more about what it is like to study there.


The students were inspired as they received a tour of some of the university’s colleges and dined in a 17th century hall. They were informed how to make successful academic choices to prepare them for higher education and beyond.














Student, Rajpinder Andhey, said: “I thought it was inspirational that we could grow our mindsets and go to Oxford. I was surprised that a lot of fun was involved as well as university work.


Jay Moom said: “It felt extraordinary that I was eating in such an historic dining hall and I really enjoyed visiting the colleges.


“Going on the trip inspired me to work harder and achieve more so that I can go to Oxford.”


Teacher Mr Greig, a former student at the university, said: “The pupils were thrilled to experience a day at a world-class university.


“Our students have great academic potential and I hope that this trip encouraged them to set their sights on the very best.”

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