Colton Hills Community School

Latest Coronavirus FAQ's

Keeping you safe

Do students have to wear masks?
In accordance with the latest Government guidance, students are required to wear face masks in all communal areas of the school.
Please refer to our recent letter for more information. Students are not required to wear masks in their classes however if they want to wear them we will of course support them if they choose to do so.

Will teachers be wearing masks?
In accordance with the latest Government guidance, teachers and other staff need to wear face masks in all communal areas of the school. Teachers are not required to wear masks in classes however if they want to wear them we will of course support them if they choose to do so.

Will the school be providing masks?

No, the school will not be providing masks to students who do not have them. Please ensure that you send your child to school with an appropriate face covering.


Are parents allowed on site?
At the moment parents will not be allowed onto the school site. Please do not attempt to come onto the school property unless you have an appointment with a member of staff. This will help keep our staff, students and parents safe. If you have any questions contact us on or (01902) 558420

We’ve just returned from abroad, what should we do?
You should follow the latest 
Government advice on returning from abroad. This mainly relates to self-isolating when returning from specific countries. Given the nature of the pandemic, the situation changes frequently so please make sure you check the information on the site frequently.

What happens if there is a case of COVID-19 at the school?
If the school experiences an outbreak we will contact our local health protection team. This team will advise if additional action is required, though the closure of the whole school will generally not be necessary. You will be contacted by the school if there is any change to the school opening.

My child is unwell – what should I do?
The safety of our students is our top priority. If your child becomes ill, you should contact the school as soon as possible. If they are showing signs of COVID-19 we encourage you to arrange for them to get a test, self-isolate for 14 days and engage with the track and trace process.

Absence can be reported via Text Message to 07860055239, Email Or leave a message on (01902) 558455


How will you be maintaining social distancing in the school?
We have worked hard over the summer to ensure that the school is as safe as it can be. We have organised the school so that year groups should not be mixing unless absolutely necessary, and it is important that you support us by reminding your children to follow all instructions that they are given in school. We have installed signs and markers pointing out the importance of social distancing and will be reminding students the vital role that it plays in containing the virus.

Are there hand washing stations around school?
Yes, we have plenty of hand sanitizing stations around school and will be encouraging students to use them alongside washing their hands frequently during breaks and lunchtimes.

What happens if there is another lockdown?
In the event of a local or national lockdown we will comply with the latest information from the government and make sure that all appropriate measures are taken to keep our students, staff, and community safe. Schools have been asked to be ready for any lockdowns by being able to instantly move to remote learning, and we will be maintaining a normal timetable via Microsoft TEAMs.

When will things return to normal?
At this stage we don’t know when things will be normal, but we are doing everything we can to make sure that life can be as normal as possible whilst keeping our students, staff and community safe. We are hopeful that the national conditions allow us to return to normality as soon as we can.

What do I do if I have any questions, comments or concerns?
If you have any queries or questions please contact the school via or (01902) 558420


Practical information

Do I have to send my child to school?
Yes, school is compulsory and so it is a legal requirement for you to send your child to school. The only exception is if a student needs to self-isolate, in which case school should know about this.

What if my child is self-isolating?
If your child or a member of your household is showing symptoms of COVID-19, or if you have had a positive test it is important that they self-isolate for 14 days. If this is the case, please contact the school as soon as possible so that their teachers can arrange for appropriate work to be sent to them. This is the same if you are contacted by Track and Trace operatives to self-isolate, in which case you should follow these instructions and contact school.


Please note that this information is subject to change depending on government guidance so you should check the following website if you have any queries. 



Do students have to wear uniform?
Yes, we expect all students to wear appropriate uniform whenever they are in school. The 
uniform policy is available here. The government is clear that uniform does not have to be washed any more frequently than usual, and this has no effect on the spread of COVID-19.

Do students need to wear PE kits?
Yes, we expect all students to wear PE kits when they are participating in sporting events. Due to restrictions on the use of changing facilities, we have agreed to allow students to wear their PE kits all day (including to and from school) on the days that they have PE on their timetables.

What’s happening with transport?
Where possible, children and young people are encouraged to avoid public transport, particularly at peak times, and to walk or cycle to school. If they have to use public transport please refer to the 
safer travel guidance. Wolverhampton City Council is investigating ways to offer additional capacity in the public transport network, and we will share any details with you as soon as we can. Remember that masks are mandatory on public transport.

How do the “bubbles” work?
Students are working in class year group “bubbles” and they will stay with this group throughout the school day. They have also been assigned an area of the school where they will spend most of the day, and a specific outside space for breaks and lunchtime. This will limit the amount of contact they have with other groups. Instead of students moving between classrooms, teachers will go to them, making sure that they are conducting appropriate hygiene protocols in-between each class.

Has the school done a risk assessment?

We have undertaken a risk assessment and it is available to view here.

What time does the school site open in the morning?
The school gates will be closed until 8am and we ask that you do not send your children to school before this time. We will not be able to cater for students before this time.

What is happening with breakfast and after school clubs?
We are pleased to be working with Magic Breakfast who will be offering breakfast to all students starting from 28th September. The food will be delivered to the year group bubbles so students will not be mixing with other year groups during this time.


We are looking at ways that we can offer after school clubs, and these will restart when we are able to do so in the safest way possible.

We will keep you up to date with this during the first term.

What is the situation with lunch and break times?
During lunch and break times students will keep to their year group “bubbles. We will still offer lunch in school, though this may have to be limited to a cold offering at some times when necessary.

Will my child get less teaching time?
No, we are committed to delivering the best education possible and so all of our students will get the same amount of teaching as normal.

Will the curriculum have to change in any way?
Schools have been asked to provide a normal curriculum wherever possible. The only changes that we will have to make are in practical subjects such as PE, Music, Drama and Dance, where there are some limits to activities that we are allowed to run. There may also be some limits on the access that we can give students to Science labs. We hope that this will be able to return to normal as soon as possible.

Where can I find out more information?
We encourage you to keep up to date via our twitter feed and website for the latest information

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