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Relationships and Sex Education Policy Consultation

As part of our statutory PSHE curriculum obligations for September 2021, the school has reviewed and revised our Policy on Relationships and Sex Education.


This policy is an important part of school life and is an essential element of the curriculum that we believe is highly valuable to our students. We also understand that this is an area of school life which can cause some uncertainty for parents and guardians.


One important part of ensuring that this policy is suitable for our school and our community is to take and respond to any feedback that parents and guardians have. We are therefore launching a short consultation period in which you will have your chance to express any concerns or raise any questions that you have around the policy.


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All feedback will be responded to during the consultation process, and the views of our community will be taken into account before the final version is approved by our Governing Body.


You can see the policy here, and it outlines the content in the curriculum, the methods of the delivery and the rights of parents/guardians to withdraw their children in specific circumstances.


Please respond to the consultation by using the Microsoft Form here.


If you have any other questions please feel free to contact Mr Blower.