New Uniform Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have some questions about the new school uniform, so have put together this list of frequently asked questions which may help.  If you do not find the answer here, please contact or fill out our feedback form.

Why have you decided to change the uniform?

Our students have worn the same uniform for over 40 years with only slight adjustments and we feel it is the right time to make a positive change both with the branding and uniform. We want our uniform to reflect ‘Pride’ and our striving for excellence as we embark on our journey to world class, a focus the school has been aiming for in recent years.

What does the new uniform look like?

The new uniform consists of the following items

  • Grey suit jacket with school crest

  • White shirt

  • Grey V neck jumper (optional)

  • Grey suit trousers

  • Grey tartan pleated skirt

  • Grey and teal striped tie

  • Black smart shoes

Who will need to wear the new uniform?

All students who will be starting at Colton Hills Community School in September 2021 will need to purchase the new school uniform.

In addition all students who are currently in Years 7-9 will need to be wearing the new school uniform from the start of the 2021-22 academic year.

What about if my child is currently in year 10?

Current year 10 students (who will be in year 11 from September) can choose to continue to wear the current (black) uniform.

Will students in the Sixth Form need to wear the new uniform?

No, Sixth Form students are not expected to wear the new uniform, they should wear smart business dress.

Is the new uniform compulsory?

Yes, apart from our current year 10 and Sixth Form students, all other students at Colton Hills Community School will need to have the correct uniform ready for the start of term in September.

What if my child does not wear the new uniform?

We already have a uniform policy in place, and this will be updated to reflect our new standards of dress. Students will need to abide by these standards at all times.

Can the school help with the cost of the new uniform?

We have listened carefully to parent concerns around the costs associated with the new uniform and through further research and discussions we want to assure you that we will support families with these changes.

Most families with children currently in Years 7-9 will be able to take advantage of the payment subsidy we are offering. Details of this are in the chart below:





Is the PE kit changing too?

Yes, to better reflect our school House structure we are introducing a new, more modern PE kit which will reflect the house colours. In addition to shorts and jogging bottoms we are also introducing leggings into our sports options. The new PE Kit is easy to wash and comfortable to wear.

What does the PE Kit look like?

The new PE Kit consists of the following items

  • Black collard T-shirt with house colour accents and logo

  • Black shorts with logo

  • Black leggings with logo (optional)

  • Black jogging bottoms with logo (optional) 

  • Black midlayer with logo (optional)


How can I get in touch with feedback?

We have set up a feedback form if you have anything you would like to discuss or you can contact

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