Dear Parents and Carers



You may be aware that snow is currently forecast (BBC) in the area over the coming days.  As always, we will make every effort to keep the school open, however I would like to remind you of the arrangements that we have in place if we are forced to close the school for Health and Safety reasons.  General information about snow and bad weather is available in the parents' section on the school website. 

The latest information on whether the school will be closed will be posted on the school website, which will be updated at regular intervals.  This is the best and most reliable source of information as it is directly controlled by ourselves.  After we have updated our website we will then contact City of Wolverhampton Council who will contact the local radio stations on our behalf.  They will make an announcement on their radio station.  We will also send a text to all carers/parents as soon as is practicable.

We would ask you NOT to telephone the school for updates as our telephone lines will no doubt be very busy.  Indeed, it is quite likely that our telephones will not be answered anyway, as our priority will be to update our website and radio stations at a time when we are certain to be very short of staff.

These situations are always extremely difficult, as closing a school must always be an absolute last resort.  However, we also need to balance Health and Safety considerations for our students. We will make a decision as early as possible as we will do everything we can to avoid students arriving at school to find that we are closed.  

Many thanks for your understanding and support.

Yours sincerely,



Mr A Otero