Our wider curriculum 

At Colton Hills, we do not believe that the curriculum ends at the classroom door, and we have put in place a wide variety of opportunities for our students to develop all aspects of themselves. We are always looking for opportunities to further develop this offer, but some of these aspects include:

Student Leadership

There are a range of opportunities for students to undertake leadership roles. We have an active School Board which has representatives from all year groups. They meet regularly to be consulted on school developments and their views are considered by the SLT as part of school improvement planning. This develops further as students move through school, with opportunities to become a leader in their House, a prefect, part of the post-16 leadership team, or a Head Girl or Boy.

Extra-curricular participation

There are a vast array of opportunities beyond the school day for students to develop themselves. A half-termly calendar is published and shared with parents, and students are actively encouraged to attends wherever possible. Sport is particularly popular, and use of our outstanding grounds allows for a wide range of activities. We also have a growing level of participation in the performing arts, and other opportunities in STEM, literacy and other areas of school life such as our Eco School.

Personal development

At Colton Hills we actively encourage students to consider how they are changing and developing as a person, and we get them to reflect on this regularly through their form periods. To enable them to do this effectively, staff at the school agreed on 100 activities that students could take part in both inside and outside of school to develop themselves. These activities are highlighted by form tutors, and student success in achieving them is celebrated whenever possible.

Work based learning and careers

All students have access to a careers curriculum which has been planned by our Careers and Aspirations Lead with their needs in mind. Careers education is vital to the long-term economic success of our students, and they are given access to this from Year 7 onwards. As well as lesson opportunities and links in their subject areas, we begin to offer a more bespoke service in Key Stage 4 and 5 which encompasses regular personal interviews, work experience placements and growing employer contact to ensure that our students are ready for the world of work and can access meaningful careers.

Life Skills and PSHE

One distinctive element of the Colton Hills curriculum is our Life Skills provision, which caters for students in Key Stage 3. For an hour a week, students consider some of the most significant issues which may impact their lives and are given the knowledge and skills to be able to tackle these. The Life Skills curriculum includes all elements of PSHE, including Sex and Relationship Education, citizenship, study skills and personal safety.