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As a school, we are committed to providing premises that are suitable and sufficient for all educational purposes and give access to a broad and balanced curriculum for all students, irrespective of special need or disability. Colton Hills Community School’s Governing Body supports the principles and aims of the Local Authority and Department of Education advice on the Equality Act 2010 for improving access to schools and colleges.

This Plan underpins the LA’s Strategy for planning to improve access at a local level, by committing the school to a programme of actions, evaluation and review, which will improve access to the curriculum for students with special needs and disabilities.
This Plan operates along side the school’s SEN policy, is consistent with it in terms of principles and approaches to resourcing.

The school will actively seek to improve access to services in the ways set out below and will maintain an action plan which sets out the steps the school will take to achieve this. The action plan will be reviewed annually and updated to take account of improvements made, future resource availability and changing needs in the target areas;


  • Ensure the curriculum is differentiated to meet the learning needs of students with SEN and disabilities and that target setting is effective and appropriate for these students. Make available the written material usually provided to all students, in an appropriately presented form where necessary, to SEN & disabled students, including pictorial and oral formats and also to ensure that classroom organisation is planned to maximise learning opportunities.

  • Manage and improve the physical environment of the school buildings and grounds to meet the needs of a range of disabled students currently on roll and prospective students.

  • To establish a culture of mutual trust and respect between all members of the Colton Hills community.

  • To build a community that respects the celebration of achievement at all levels.

Equality Act 2010

The plan acknowledges the school’s legal duty under the Equality Act 2010 and aim to increase the extent to which pupils with disabilities can participate in the curriculum and improve its physical environment, allowing greater access to facilities, information and the services provided.

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