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High Performance Learning


Colton Hills is a High Performance Learning (HPL) School. This means that we are on our journey to achieving world-class school accreditation. 

Based on the seminal book High Performance Learning: How to Become a World-Class School by Professor Deborah Eyre, the High Performance Learning philosophy is a clear guide to how to achieve Excellence. Colton Hills is fully committed to embracing the HPL philosophy and making it central to everything that we do.


As a High Performance Learning school, we empower our students to aim high and believe that the very best academic outcomes are attainable for all our students.


We also develop learners using evidence-based research to ensure our students fully are prepared for study, work and life.

Therefore we maximise learning by:

  • Setting high expectations in every classroom

  • Ensuring all teaching staff are highly skilled and qualified 

  • Setting challenging work but Scaffolding learning so that it is accessible to all learners

  • Developing students understanding of how we learn and the behaviours for learning so that they can work harder, remember more and successfully complete independent tasks

  • Ensuring the learning environment is calm and well ordered so that it is conducive to learning

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