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Our Houses

Every child matters at Colton Hills Community School. If students are happy, safe and understand where to go for help, then success will not be far away. The school's pastoral care system is well coordinated to ensure students' needs are met and their development fully supported.

The school is organised into four Houses (Tull, Curie, Turing, Kahlo) with each student belonging to a House.

Each House is led by a 'House Leader' and an 'Assistant House Leader' who work closely together with the House Tutors.

Life skills coordinators prepare dedicated, meaningful activities to set students up for the day ahead and develop skills not normally found in traditional subject lessons.

To motivate students, rewards are given for a range of positive behaviours, such as high attendance, effort, resilience, community involvement and meeting or exceeding academic targets.

Throughout the year, a number of inter-house competitions take place for all students to take part, creating a house spirit and healthy competition between students, tutors and houses. Examples of these include; Enterprise month, Numeracy Challenge, Literacy Challenge, Performing Arts, Design Technology and several sporting competitions.

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s pastoral welfare or academic progress please contact your child’s tutor in the first instance on (01902) 558420.

  • Tull House - Mrs C Ireland (House Leader)

  • Curie House - Mr A Esty (House Leader)

  • Turing House - Miss C Tolliday (House Leader)

  • Kahlo House - Mr L Jones (House Leader)

curie no text.png

Marie Curie

kahlo no text.png

Frida Kahlo

Turing no text.png

Alan Turing

tull no text.png

Walter Tull









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