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गेटहरू 08:00 बजे खुल्छन्

हामी 8.25 सम्म रेस्टुरेन्टमा बिहानको खाजा र बिहानको पढ्ने गतिविधिहरू प्रदान गर्नेछौं। सबै विद्यार्थीहरू बिहान 8.20 बजेसम्म विद्यालयमा पुग्नुपर्छ।


स्कूल दिनको अन्त्य अचम्मको बर्खास्त हो।  

  • सोमबार, बुधवार, बिहीबार, शुक्रबार 2.50pm - 2.55pm

  • मंगलबार 2.20pm - 2.25 pm

Times of School Day 15 April 2024.JPG
As a school we ensure that all students have a chance to drop everything and read (DEAR) every day for 20 minutes. At present this is taken out of subject lesson time. From September 2024, DEAR will have its own time on the timetable along with Personal Social Health Education. In order to create time for this to happen we have had to change the school day, which has been ratified by the full Governing Body.

The new school day will be as follows and as you can see it means that there will be a 3pm finish every day:

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