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Every Wednesday afternoon students will participate in an afternoon of enrichment, this weekly lesson provides students the opportunity to participate in new and varied activities, such as career events, inter-house competitions and cultural experiences.

These activities will develop students social, moral, and cultural understanding, which will support them to succeed in education, work, and the wider society. During enrichment sessions students will record their participation in these enrichment activities and events which will be rewarded through our PRIDE awards.


At Colton Hills Community School we consist of far more than the lessons students enjoy every day. Clubs and activities make up the extra-curricular programme that plays a very important part in the education of young people.


Students have access to a wide range of provision which includes subject clubs, debating societies, martial arts and sports activities including competitive matches. We encourage as many students as possible to take part in the programme and to share in the success that these activities provide.

In addition to this, teachers from every subject plan numerous visits to places that will enrich and consolidate valuable learning. Not only do you our students enjoy these experiences, it also shows in their academic achievement.

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