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Vision and Values


To serve our community by challenging educational and social disadvantage so that everyone thrives.

Many Minds, One Mission.

Why do we exist?

Our Purpose

What do we do?

Our Mission


At Colton Hills, we believe that every child is entitled to the highest quality learning experiences, irrespective of their starting point. There are no barriers to high achievement and no excuses for not succeeding.


In every lesson, students are exposed to powerful knowledge and culturally rich experiences. Every day we are learning and reflecting on how we have improved ourselves. Through this, we maximise academic attainment so students can go to and through university and thrive in a top profession.


All students will leave Colton Hills highly numerate and literate, with meaningful qualifications that prove this. They will also leave equipped with both the skills and self-belief to engage with the wider world so that they change it for the better.

Every Child, Every Lesson, Every Day.


Participation: We have aligned autonomy and a spirit of support, teamwork and sharing, but we are disciplined and follow through on our commitments.

Respect: We recognise the dignity and worth of every individual and the contribution they make.

Integrity: We are mindful of our actions both in school and within our community. Our openness and transparency instils confidence in others.

Diversity: We value social and cultural diversity – we are officially a school of ‘sanctuary’.

Excellence: We raise standards through taking personal responsibility for our achievements and continuous improvement.

Many Minds, One Mission.

How do we behave?

Our Core Values

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