As a community school we believe we should serve those who live the locality of the school and provide the best possible service for our community.

We want to prepare our students for the realities of society and the world of work. For this reason we recognise the advantages that a school population which is diverse in its background, culture, race and beliefs, can provide. To help us achieve this aim, we also welcome applications from all areas of the city and beyond.

Our admissions are managed by the Local Authority which ensures that all students have the opportunity to attend this school.

We are fully compliant with the demands to provide access for all students, including with a disability. Resources available at this school for students with a disability include a dedicated base, lift access to all areas above ground level, ramps and appropriate kerb design for immediate access to the building, a pool hoist for use in the swimming pool and a specialised furniture and equipment as necessary.

Students say 

that the school

is a friendly and caring place to be.